First aid tin box

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First aid tin box

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Leisure, Leisure, Medical supplies
Product description: 18 pcs tin box, including plasters, antiseptic pads, bandage, tweezers, tape and pair of scissors, conform EN 13485:2003.

Brand: XD Collection
Parameter: 3,1 x 7,5 x 9,1 cm.
Material: metal
Color: red
Decoration: Laser engraving
Váha: 0,0711 kg

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Order number Color Parameter Price Stock status Order pcs.
XD4 P265.034 XD4 P265.034 red 3,1 x 7,5 x 9,1 cm. 6,04 EUR to 3-5 days: 4422 pcs.

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625 EUR

A hot water bottle in Nordic design. To warm up, to specific parts of the body. Capacity 310 ml.
Parameter: 20 x 12cm
Material: Textile, PVC / PC / PE / PET,
Farba: red
Potlač: Printing on request
16 pc First aid kit., Red

First Aid Kit supplied in a EVA foam case; contains a sterile nonwoven pad, one roll bandage, a triangle bandage, two safety pins, a pair of scissor, four alcohol pads, five adhesive sterile plasters, and a small roll of tape.

Packaging: Not individually polybag

Cerificate: Cadmium, Phthalates, Formaldehyde, PAHs, AZO Dyes/Amines, 93/42/EG (medical devices), ISO 13485:2012/AC:2012

Parameter: 12.5x6x16.5cm
Material: EVA
Farba: red
Potlač: Tampoprint L
First Aid kit "Guardian Box"

First Aid kit "Guardian Box" includes bandage, cloth, pads, plaster strips, safety pins, hygienic moist cloths, small pair of scissors, dynamo torch, packed in a first aid box

Parameter: 18 x 13 x 6,5cm
Material: Plastic
Farba: white
Potlač: Transfer, Laser engraving
Baywatch first aid kit
Baywatch first aid kit

First aid kit in waterproof bag. It includes scissors, 1 elastic bandage, 1 triangular bandage, 6 alcohol prep pads, 2 sterile non-woven pads, 10 adhesive bandages, adhesive tape and a pair of latex-free gloves.

Parameter: 228×290×110 mm
Material: PVC / PC / PE / PET
Farba: white, red
Potlač: Tampoprint L


718 EUR

First aid kit in EVA material. Includes 1 pair of scissors, 3 pad bandages, 1 triangular bandage, 1 roll of cotton, 2 cleaning tissues, 5 adhesive bandages, 1 roll of tape and 6 cotton buds.

Parameter: 13,3 x 10,2 x 4,5cm
Material: PP, EVA
Farba: red, white
Potlač: Tampoprint L

Mask 399

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Mask 399
Mask 399
Mask 399

Face mask shaped unisex

     Cloth binding, 100% cotton

     double-layer, double-sided drape
     washable at 95 ° C
     2 cotton strings in color of surface material
     dimensions 24 x 15 cm, cord length 45 cm
     pack of 5 pcs, price for 1pc


Material: 100% cotton, cotton
Farba: white, , blue, various colors, black, royal blue
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Thermometer "Recovery"

Thermometer "Recovery" with a LCD screen, 10 seconds measuring time, from 32°C to 43°C, acoustic sound when the measurement has been completed, packed in a protective plastic holder

Parameter: 13,3 x 2,7 x 1,5cm
Material: Plastic
Farba: violet, white
Potlač: Transfer, Laser engraving
24-piece plastic first aid box Frederik
24-piece plastic first aid box Frederik

24-piece plastic first aid box Frederik. Advantageous plastic box with a collapsible lid, comprising 24 first aid means. Great for home, car or work and with a large decorative area at the top of the lid. First-aid kits help you perform a simple wound treatment to reduce secondary injuries. A first aid kit is considered to be a medical device and is governed by Standard 93/42 / EEC on the basis of its intended use: "diagnosis, prevention, monitoring, treatment or alleviation of disease". This equipment belongs to CLASS I. Polypropylene.
Types of printing / decor :: Pad printing, Screen printing, Full color doming, Digital sticker

Brand: Bullet
Parameter: 8,7 x 9,7 x 2,5 cm
Material: Plastic, PP
Farba: white, red
Potlač: Screen printing - T-shirts


442 EUR

First aid kit with scissors, nippers and bandages in PVC case.

Parameter: 180 x 120 x 60mm
Material: Textile, PVC / PC / PE / PET
Farba: blue, red, dark blue
Potlač: Tampoprint L
15 Piece first-aid kit in a metal tin

15-piece First Aid Kit in a metal tin, consisting of a pair of scissors, damp cloth, tape, four alcohol wipes, five plasters, a bandage and an antiseptic wipe.

Packaging: Polybag

Cerificate: Cadmium, 93/42/EC Battery (medical), ISO 13485:2012/AC:2012

Parameter: 9x4.5x13.6cm
Material: metal
Farba: red
Potlač: Tampoprint L