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Covid-19 blood test

Excellent speed test of the Austrian manufacturer with significantly higher accuracy than state-purchased testers with 50%. This assay has an IgM assay sensitivity of 87.9% and a specificity of 100% compared to RT-PCR. The sensitivity of the IgG test is 97.2% (35/36) during the convalescence phase and the specificity is 100% (14/14). These facts can be verified in the work instructions as well as in the Stability Report. We recommend it as a very reliable inspection of employees. Measurement is very simple and fast, such as in the CRP test.

The price for one test is 11 € without VAT. Min. order 25pcs.


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DIAQUICK COVID-19 Ag nasopharyngeal test

The DIAQUICK COVID-19 Ag cassette (swab) is an in vitro immunochromatographic method
for the qualitative determination of the nucleocapsid protein antigen of SARSCoV-
2 in nasopharyngeal (NP-nasopharyngeal) swab samples directly or thereafter,
how swabs will be introduced into the viral transport medium in individuals in whom
their healthcare provider suspects COVID-19. Is determined
for use in the rapid diagnosis of SARS-CoV-2 infection. DIAQUICK COVID-19 Ag
the cassette (swab) does not distinguish between SARS-CoV and SARS-CoV-2.

The price is for one test cartridge.


- 20 test cartridges, individually wrapped in foil bags with desiccant (20 x REF Z20401B)
- 2 buffer solutions
- 20 sterile swabs
- 20 extraction tubes
- 1 paper stand
- 1 package leaflet

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