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Jackknife "Hunter"

Jackknife "Hunter" with large blade with wood application on the handle and belt clip, packed in a wooden gift box

Parameter: 11,5 x 3,3 x 2cm
Material: wood, stainless steel
Farba: light wood
Potlač: Laser engraving
Hunting knife HUNTSMAN

Jackknife HUNTSMAN : wide stainless steel blade, wooden decorations on handle, with belt clip, in wooden case brown, silver Wood / Stainless Steel

Parameter: 15,5 x 7,2 x 3,4cm
Material: stainless steel
Potlač: Laser engraving

4917 EUR

Brand: Victorinox
Parameter: 111 x 35 x 20 mm
Material: mix of materials
Farba: black, dark yellow
Potlač: Tampoprint S

6250 EUR

Brand: Victorinox
Parameter: 136x16x40mm
Material: mix of materials
Farba: black, orange
Potlač: Printing on request
Baikal pocket knife
Baikal pocket knife

Stainless steel pocket knife with wooden handle and 9 functions.

Parameter: 89×24×17 mm
Material: stainless steel, wood
Farba: natural, brown
Potlač: Laser engraving, Tampoprint L