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Nakkala vintage Christmas mug

Vintage ceramic mug with Christmas design, 300 ml. In matching design paper gift box.

Parameter: ø90×79 mm
material: ceramics
Color: white, red
Decoration: Laser engraving, Printing -fire, Laser engraving - L,
Biscuit cutter 'Cookie'

Cutting Set 6pcs of stainless steel, Christmas theme, packed in a stainless steel box with a transparent silver window.

Parameter: 11,6 x 8,7 x 2,3cm
material: stainless steel
Color: silver
Decoration: Laser engraving
751 EUR



Aroma diffuser set with jasmine oil, mini ceramic vase, 5 wooden diffuser sticks and 2 wooden balls. In white gift box.

Parameter: 157 x 89 x 41mm
material: ceramics
Color: white

A bamboo pot with a carved Christmas motif.

Parameter: 240×50 mm
material: bamboo
Color: natural
Decoration: Laser engraving, Laser engraving - L

Ballpoint pen with polyester surface with Christmas motif at the end, with blue filling

Parameter: 170 mm
material: Plastic, PES (Polyester)
Color: white, yellow, red
036 EUR



Set of 2pcs of laminated Christmas decorations made of nonwovens.

Parameter: 80×80 mm
material: nonwoven
Color: red, silver
Decoration: Printing on request
Ap 791324-01
Landak blanket
Landak blanket
Landak blanket

Red blanket with Christmas motif, 200g / m2.

Size: 1300×1600 mm
material: fleece
Color: white, red, dark blue

Mug. Ceramic. Capacity up to 340 ml. Comes in gift box.ø81 x 97 mm | Box: 100 x 115 x 86 mm

Parameter: . ø81 x 97 mm
material: ceramics
Color: red
Decoration: Pad printing L, Pad printing (glass, ceramics), Printing on request, Printing -fire,
Set of nuts in honey with mead and a candle in a wooden bucket

Type of nuts: walnuts, almonds, cashews, hazelnuts

Types of honey: agate





Candle: natural, honeycomb

Honey weight: 130g

Mead volume: 0.18 l

Dimensions: 235x160x148

Choose the type of nuts, the type of honey and together with the candle and mead we will wrap it in a bucket.

Parameter:  235x160x148mm
material: wood, glass
Color: unspecified
Decoration: Printing on request
ALBIEZ  Christmas decoration

Polyester Christmas decoration. 370 x 345 mm
Parameter: 370 x 345 mm
material: PES (Polyester)
Color: red, green
Decoration: Transfer, Digital transfer
476 EUR




Parameter: ø91×102 mm
material: ceramics
Color: white, red
Decoration: Pad printing (glass, ceramics)
ZLATAR Anti-stress toy

Santa Claus anti-stress ball. ø70 mm

Parameter: ø70 mm
material: PVC / PC / PE / PET
Color: red
Decoration: Laser engraving, Printing on request, Laser engraving - L
489 EUR



Mug. Ceramic. Capacity up to 390 ml. Comes in gift box.ø83 x 105 mm | Box: 112 x 114 x 87 mm

Parameter: ø83 x 105 mm
material: ceramics
Color: red
Decoration: Pad printing (glass, ceramics),

Glass sports bottle with lid strap and colored neoprene cover, 420 ml.

Parameter: ø64×190 mm
material: glass, neoprene
Color: white, yellow, orange, light pink, red, blue, dark blue, light blue, green, black, violet, pink, grey
Decoration: Transfer, Laser engraving, Pad printing (glass, ceramics), Laser engraving - L, Digital transfer
103 EUR




material: Plastic
Color: white, red
Decoration: Pad printing L, Pad printing S
Chocolate lizen with print

Chocolate lizen with print

Color: various colors
Decoration: Printing on request

Christmas snack plate in porcelain.

Parameter: 130×130×16 mm
material: porcelaine
Color: white
Decoration: Pad printing (glass, ceramics), Printing -fire
1434 EUR


240 gr/m2 soft fleece blanket wrapped in ribbon and printable card.

Parameter: 125 x 150cm
material: artificial, fleece, PVC / PC / PE / PET
Color: blue, beige, khaki
Decoration: Pad printing L, Pad printing S, Printing - Embroidery,
MOOSE. Blanket with plush toy

Moose-shapes plush blanket. The blanket is polar fleece (180 g/m²).
Print: Blanket - Blanket (Transfer - 200 x 280)

Parameter: Deka: 1200 x 800 mm | Plyšová hračka: 200 x 245 mm
material: fleece
Color: brown
Decoration: Transfer, Printing - Embroidery, Digital transfer

Polyester Christmas socks with non-slip finish. One universal size (36-43).

Parameter: 420×110 mm
material: PES (Polyester)
Color: red, blue, grey
Decoration: Printing - Embroidery

Polyester gift case.
Parameter: 80×190 mm
material: PES (Polyester)
Color: red, blue, green, black
Decoration: Transfer, Digital transfer

Wooden pencil with Christmas figure, unsharpened.

material: wood
Color: white, red, green
Decoration: Pad printing L, Pad printing S
060 EUR



Christmas hat.

Parameter: 42 x 30cm
material: Textile, PES (Polyester), artificial, PVC / PC / PE / PET
Color: red
Decoration: Transfer, Digital transfer
132 EUR



Star shaped glass tea light candle holder in silver box with transparent cover and decorative ribbon. Tea light included.

Parameter: 8 x 7.9 x 2cm
material: glass
Color: silver
Decoration: Printing on request,