Toilet paper, tissues

Wet wipes which can be used anywhere – in household, during travels, outings or festivals.


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813 EUR

Parameter: 18,5X12,5X7CM
Material: bamboo
Farba: natural
Potlač: Laser engraving, Tampoprint L


066 EUR

10 pre-moistened cleansing wipes in a pouch. Unfolded wipes size: 17cmx20cm.

Parameter: 15 x 7,5cm
Material: PVC / PC / PE / PET
Farba: dark grey, blue, white, silver
Potlač: Tampoprint L

Hygiene wipes

199 EUR
Hygiene wipes

Hygiene wipes 15 pieces. Hygienic protection outdoor and at home. The active ingredient works against bacteria and special viruses. Use this wipe for surfaces to be disinfected and leave it to work for at least 30 seconds. The towels are FSC-free. We print your advertising on a label and stick it on the box.

Parameter: 15 × 11 × 3 cm
Material: PES (Polyester)
Farba: white
Potlač: Printing on request