Flat laser pointer and presenter

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Flat laser pointer and presenter

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Electro, flash drives, Electronics, Accessories for mobile phones
Product description: Flat laser pointer (class 2) and presenter with integrated receiver. Comfortable to hold and easy to switch the buttons. With up and down button and laser button. To use the device simply place the receiver in the USB port of your computer and the presenter will connect automatically. Working distance up to 10 metres from receiver. Laser up to 50 metres. Registered design® 1 Li-ion-type batteries included.

Brand: XD Design
Parameter: 3,2 x 10,0 x 1,4 cm.
Material: ABS, Iron
Color: grey, silver
Decoration: Laser engraving
Váha: 0,0320 kg

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Order number Color Parameter Price Stock status Order pcs.
XD4 P314.342 XD4 P314.342 grey, silver 3,2 x 10,0 x 1,4 cm. 35,50 EUR to 3-5 days: 24 pcs.

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