Work Clothing Beechfield neon pink

Work Clothing Beechfield neon pink. You have several materials to choose from, for example Plastic, stainless steel, viscose, in design children's, men's, women's, universal, in variant short sleeve, long sleeve. Available in sizes: XS-XXL. Choose a gift to order, for example Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro LTE 128 GB. Choose from the current menu.

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·100% polyester (microfibre) ·Multi-purpose use ·Seam free for comfort ·Breathable fabric ·Reflective stripes ·Machine washable, non iron.

Brand: Beechfield
Size: One Size
material: PES (Polyester)
Color: black, neon pink, yellow, neon yellow
Decoration: Printing - Embroidery