Poplin Blouse shortsleeve (39.0302)

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Varianty produktu Poplin Blouse shortsleeve

Poplin Blouse shortsleeve - E25CE798-68C6-41F2-A59C-9EDAE385DDAD - variant CC 3903020012a
Poplin Blouse shortsleeve - B255D19E-DB57-4485-AA49-F3ACE16E0046 - variant CC 3903020022a
Poplin Blouse shortsleeve - B818C7DC-E446-4A98-AB19-37B7D601D5D8 - variant CC 3903020032a
Poplin Blouse shortsleeve - AB877722-E0B5-4CAA-B0AD-ABD17A6D507B - variant CC 3903020042a
Poplin Blouse shortsleeve - B4907A27-D9F2-4210-9584-81C04F581210 - variant CC 3903020222a
Poplin Blouse shortsleeve - 660BA7FE-C23D-475B-9A44-A3E14F136257 - variant CC 3903020372a
Poplin Blouse shortsleeve - BBC99D3C-4A37-4A2C-BD25-8740650CA114 - variant CC 3903020502a
Poplin Blouse shortsleeve - 65782C09-9661-4157-B472-EF3BF76836BF - variant CC 3903020952a
Poplin Blouse shortsleeve - 7EC16257-3F99-4479-9175-36A000AA9C60 - variant CC 3903021002a
Poplin Blouse shortsleeve - E3E63DE3-C0CC-4725-8901-2A338DF97428 - variant CC 3903021222a
Poplin Blouse shortsleeve - ADA01ADD-A292-4818-BF20-91D4BAEB3C1C - variant CC 3903021452a
Poplin Blouse shortsleeve - 6459F2C4-3245-45EA-80B4-6D26085D50F6 - variant CC 3903022022a
Poplin Blouse shortsleeve - 6A149708-0ECF-4849-9AAD-C7196A4AB4D4 - variant CC 3903023502a
Poplin Blouse shortsleeve - 106DD13E-EC54-4BC3-9819-BF0A5A453B72 - variant CC 3903023702a
Poplin Blouse shortsleeve - BB934628-AFDA-4485-B8F5-D297C6A2C8BD - variant CC 3903024402a
Poplin Blouse shortsleeve - 13EA49F2-49F1-425F-999A-D0A46CC3B718 - variant CC 3903025552a
Poplin Blouse shortsleeve - 37C55E3F-7296-4A81-B448-15EE67D36D39 - variant CC 3903025662a
Poplin Blouse shortsleeve - E26B9176-1CB9-4E97-9433-A483EA7DA972 - variant CC 3903026402a
Poplin Blouse shortsleeve - 35969AFC-C540-456A-8CB0-BBAA447453CD - variant CC 3903026702a
Poplin Blouse shortsleeve - 87C7BE6F-1D41-4D03-B73F-75805299D7BD - variant CC 390302a392a
Poplin Blouse shortsleeve - 5404D99D-95F2-4F22-B83E-6C4A20361E51 - variant CC 390302c182a
Poplin Blouse shortsleeve - F6382AEE-7F9E-4BB9-A317-3846A2F8AB7D - variant CC 390302c452a
Poplin Blouse shortsleeve - 9C6C92DD-B8BD-4498-9E9B-D026D92427EE - variant CC 390302m072a
Poplin Blouse shortsleeve - 5F9A4A51-B303-4768-B53A-D5A8CFECD778 - variant CC 390302m082a
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Product description Poplin Blouse shortsleeve

105g/m², 65% polyester, 35% cotton

, feminine fit and collar, rounded bottom hem, self collar buttons, no pocket, bust and back darts, easy care, OEKO-TEX® standard 100

2 218 units sold

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Country of Origin: Bangladesh

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